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In the most beautiful square of Fiesole, a true and genuine Tuscan experience: food, snacks and comfort food.

inandro’s tavern is located in the central square of Fiesole, one of the most beautiful in the city. It is a place with marble countertops, vintage lamps and wooden tables in fratina style that recall tastes of a past era, is specialized in local menus with red wines with mescita, cheeses and salami, all served as in the ancient shops.
Like the true taverns of Florence, it serves food, snacks and comfort food.
Open every day for lunch and dinner, Vinandro will make you discover the pleasure of going to the inn, serving only typical products that follow the tradition as nature creates.

Tra le specialità: bistecca alla fiorentina, crostini, cucina toscana, mescita vini al banco, pappa al pomodoro, pasta fatta in casa, primi piatti di pasta fresca, prodotti tipici toscani, salumi tipici, lampredotto, tagliata di manzo, trippa.

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  • Impeccable kitchen and lovely setting! By now it is years that I come to dinner and every time I'm getting more and more satisfied. For me Vinandro is a certainty. Absolutely the best!

  • I found my perfect restaurant, all the food very good. The sauce of croutons is like the one my family does at home. The pici pasta on the lamb and olso the pappardelle on the hare.

  • One tavern simple but sophisticated both in decor and in the dishes. Great reviews of traditional dishes, great wine selection, beautiful location and great value for money!

  • Very nice, very romantic place. Alessandro is an attentive, kind and prepared owner. The Menu always new with the dishes of the day. One of the best spots in Florence! Wine selection is also great.


Some of our specialties

It is an ancient Tuscan recipe that owes its name to the particular treatment underpinning the pork up to arrive to look like tuna pulp. It is a recipe rediscovered by Dario Cecchini, Panzano’s famous butcher, after a senior lord of the place told him how his father dropped and sobbed the pork thighs, white wine, and a mixture of herbs and spices.

Tradition wants this dish to be the ingenious invention of the brickwork workers of a special terracotta that has been produced for centuries in Impruneta. The brickwork workers collected all the ingredients for the peposo in a large terracotta pan, placed them at the mouth of the ovens and forgot them, occupied in the work. The heat of the oven operated the miracle and at the end of the day the plump and boiling pot was ready to be eaten.

Marinated herring are prepared by filleting them, bathing for one night, then passing them into vinegar and sugar marinade. All the ingredients are then placed in layers in a bowl, covered with mustard and laurel, and served with Tuscan bread.

Wide choice of wines…

“Drinking men improve: they do good business, win causes, are happy and support their friends.”

Aristofane (450 a.C. – 388 a.C.)

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