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Spring Menù


Vinandro, while maintaining the kitchen traditionality that characterizes it, always changes the robes of his menu according to the seasons.
This allows us to create dishes cooked with wisdom respecting the rhythms of nature, the flavors and scents that characterize each and every season of the year, always using km 0 and short chain fresh produce!


Every day, you will be offered some dish out of the menu to vary and always offer something new.


For lovers of our traditional dishes such as the Vinandro’s Peposo and the Etruscan Pesto, do not worry, are always guaranteed!
The fresh pasta served is always our production.
 Antipasti Price

Chopped salad of fennel with orange vinaigrette

5,50 €

Lampredotto meatballs with green sauce

7,00 €

Tuscan Antipasto

9,00 €

Tuscan Crostini

4,50 €

Asparagus flan with Parmesan fondue

8,00 €

Fried fresh mozzarella

6,00 €
Primi Price

Pappa al pomodoro

9,00 €

Risotto with artichokes and pecorino with herbs

10,00 €

Cream of asparagus with burrata stracciatella

9,00 €

Spaghetti Rummo with white truffle butter

11,00 €

Pappardelle with rabbit sauce and wild fennel

10,00 €

Pappardelle with wild boar ragout

10,00 €

Maccheroncini with meat sauce

8,50 €

Macaroni with tomato sauce

7,50 €

Tagliatelle with broad beans, mint and pecorino cheese

9,00 €

Tagliatelle all’etrusca
(sauce made with parsley, basil, mint and boiled egg) with pecorino romano

9,00 €
Secondi Price

Florentine trippa

10,00 €

Peposo di Vinandro

13,00 €

Beef meatballs on celeriac puré

10,00 €

Ossobuco Stewe

12,00 €

Boiled tongue with green sauce

10,00 €

Grilled beef sirloin with rocket and balsamic vinegar

17,00 €

Grilled beef sirloin with rocket and parmesan cheese

17,00 €

Florentine steak

By reservation only

38,00 €/kg
Side Dishes Price

Agretti oil and lemon

4,50 €

Cannellini Beans in extra virgin oil

4,50 €

Mixed salad

4,50 €

Fried fresh potatoes

4,50 €

Chard sprinkled with garlic and oil

4,50 €

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