How to Know the Quality of Color Coated Aluminum Coils?

2022-02-11 16:20:58
Color-coated aluminum coils are widely used in various industries, so the development of color-coated aluminum coils has also ushered in great opportunities. The market is very hot. In this form, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have followed up, and many unqualified color-coated aluminum Coils are flooding the market, and how to identify high-quality color-coated aluminum coils has become a skill that customers need to master.
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Color-coated aluminum coil is a roll of aluminum. It is also a classification of aluminum plate. Its performance is very stable and it is not easy to be corroded. Generally, the surface layer can be guaranteed not to fade for at least 30 years after special treatment, and because of its low density and high hardness, The weight per unit volume is the lightest among metal materials, and it is skillful to judge the quality of color-coated aluminum coils.

If the quality of the color-coated aluminum coil is qualified, there should be no obvious indentation, missing coating, and penetrating coating damage on the surface, and ripples, scratches, and bubbling are not allowed. These are easy to see. The most important thing is that you should carefully look at the color difference of the color-coated aluminum coil. If you don't pay attention, it is not easy to see, but it will affect the final decorative effect when applied.
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Color-coated aluminum coil has received more demand in the industrial industry in recent years. Whether it is used as a material for doors and windows or a material for decorative handicrafts, it can be very competent, and compared with other metals, aluminum metal also accounts for a large amount of reserves. big advantage. Therefore, the construction industry, the electronics industry or the lighting industry are all in demand for color-coated aluminum coils, which also provides a lot of space for its development.

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