What are the different applications of aluminum checker plate?

2022-03-04 15:09:38
The basic function of the chequered aluminum plate is to prevent slipping. Our common applications are buses, escalators, elevators, etc. In these environments, the performance requirements of aluminum sheets are not high, and 1060 alloy aluminum tread sheets can meet the performance requirements. So what are the differences between the different properties and applications of checker aluminum plate? 

                                                                                 aluminum checker coil

Refrigeration equipment also needs anti-skid. In these environments, anti-rust performance is a key indicator. The performance of 1060 aluminum tread plate is no longer capable of refrigerating anti-skid performance. As a professional anti-rust aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum checker plate is a non-slip project in humid environments. In addition to 3003 aluminum plates, 3A21 aluminum plates are also relatively common, all belonging to the 3 series of aluminum-manganese alloy plates.

5052 embossed chequered aluminum plate is mainly used in marine environment.

                                                                                 5754 aluminum checker plate

In the environment near the sea such as ships and ports, in addition to humidity, it is also faced with corrosive environments such as salt and alkali. One of the advantages of the 5 series aluminum checker plate is that it can effectively resist the corrosion of acid and alkali environment, so the 5052 alloy aluminum tread plate is the main anti-skid material in the marine environment. Of course, in the 5 series chequered aluminum plate, there are also brands such as 5083 and 5754, which can be used to produce patterned aluminum plates.