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The Uses of 5052 Aluminium Plate

2022-03-11 17:00:21
Many users of 5052 aluminum plate, which has been used continuously in recent years, will be curious. Why is 5052 used as an alloy aluminum plate so much? In terms of strength, the aluminum alloy is not as strong as 6061 aluminum plate, and the price is much higher than that of 1060 aluminum plate. When it comes to the use of 5052 aluminum plate, the use of the product determines the price of the product, because 5052 aluminum plate is a high-end product, belongs to magnesium aluminum alloy, has good rust and corrosion resistance, and has 2 times the strength of 1060 aluminum plate. Good bending performance, it is a sheet metal product that 1060 cannot replace.
                                                                     5052 aluminum sheet

 The use of 5052 aluminum plate can also be understood in this way, which is suitable for high-grade sheet metal and materials with high requirements for strength. Compared with the 6061T6 aluminum plate, although the strength is high, the price is also relatively high, and it cannot be bent. Although the 1060 aluminum plate is quite cheap, the disadvantage is that the strength is too low, and the 5052 aluminum plate can meet the above requirements. It is an aluminum alloy with good development prospects. Plate, and as domestic enterprises have been involved in the production of 5052 aluminum plate for many years, the price of 5052 aluminum plate will continue to drop in the next step.
                                                                      5052 aluminium plate
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